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Councilperson Anders Urbom

Councilperson Anders Urbom

Hello Neighbors,

My name is Anders Urbom and I am glad to be the newest member on the El Portal Village Council. I knocked on many doors and spoke to many residents, both voters and non-voters and I found a consensus of concerns in three areas of living here in this wonderful Village. These areas of concern are;

  • Law Enforcement, Public Safety/Security
  • Public Works, tree trimming, swales and Septic to Sewer
  • and Traffic and Pedestrian/Cyclist Safety

so these will be where my primary efforts will go. In addition to these leading concerns, I would like to take the opportunity to say that I will be a passionate advocate for our environment as it relates to indigenous vegetation, pest control, and the Little River pollution and Climate Change regulations which involve Federal, State, County, and local governments.

I have worn many hats in my life and they range from Dishwasher to Consultant. I have worked in food service for more than 25 years and have worked in commercial painting, distribution, corporate training, transportation, and others. I have listened to many masters of trades and plan on continuing to listen to people with experience. My interests are in writing and poetry as well as Earth sciences and meteorology. I am a traffic wonk as well as being interested in a great many other things. This range of interests has always posed its challenges in my life and at 40 years old, I am managing my time better each day.

I will advocate for our village with the long term health of El Portal in mind. I will advocate for our police department so that they can serve our community with the respect they deserve and the resources required. I will advocate for our environment and natural resources.

There are not too many boxes I fit into as I am both an intensely private person as well as very outgoing. You likely won’t see many images of myself or my wife and four kids (the fourth arriving in June), but you may know my wife Sidra from her involvement in the El Portal Women’s Club. I have been accused of being smart, but she is even more so. I look forward to serving my neighbors just as service has been the title of my industry and yes, even my job title, for many years. I will have an open door, an open mind and I already come fully equipped with knowledgeable and fact-based opinions because I have always welcomed debate and discussion. Thank you for the opportunity to represent you and the wonderful Village of El Portal.

Most Sincerely,

Anders Urbom, Councilperson Seat #1