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Public Records

ALL INTERESTED PARTIES, please let this notice serve as satisfying the requirements of prominently posting the contact information for the custodian of records for the Village of El Portal. This notice is posted at Village Hall, which is the primary administrative building where public records are routinely created, sent, received, maintained or requested.

Custodian of Public Records:
Yenise Jacobi, Village Clerk
500 NE 87th Street
El Portal, Florida 33138
PHONE: 305-795-7880
FAX: 305-795-7884

If you wish to submit a request to inspect or copy public records, you may submit your request using one of the contact methods listed above.


What is a Public Record?

A public record is defined by Florida Statutes as: all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, data processing software, or other material, regardless of the physical form, characteristics, or means of transmission, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency FS 119.011(1).

How long does it take to fulfill a public records request?

Florida law states that an agency must respond within a “limited reasonable time”. This is the time it takes to review the request, search, retrieve and process records for release. Some requests may only take a few minutes while others may take weeks. The length of time varies by request.

What is the Cost?

If the request takes less than 30 minutes of staff time and no significant resources are expended, there is no labor charge, only the cost of duplicating the records. If the request takes more than 30 minutes of staff time you may be charged for labor. In accordance with Chapter 119, F.S., a fee of $.15 per copy will be charged for duplicating records. This fee shall be paid in advance of our duplicating the records.

Can I submit a request anonymously?

A person requesting access to or copies of public records may not be required to disclose his or her name, address, telephone number or the like to the custodian, unless the custodian is required by law to obtain this information prior to releasing the records. As noted in AGO 80-57, a custodian must honor a request for copies of records which is sufficient to identify the records desired, whether the request is in writing, over the telephone, or in person, provided that the required fees are paid.

What if I want a document in a certain format?

The Village of El Portal will provide all documents in the format in which we have them. The Village is not required to create documents in response to Public Records requests.