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Mayor Omarr C. Nickerson

Mayor Omarr C. Nickerson

Mr. Omarr C. Nickerson was born in Miami, Florida.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University Of Miami “The U” in Liberal and Social Arts.  He then went on to obtain his 1st Master’s Degree in Global History and Socio-Geographic Studies from the University of Cairo, in Egypt.  He got his 2nd Master’s Degree in International Political Science and Economic Development from the University of Damascus, in Syria.  His Doctorate Degree was also acquired in International Studies and International Relations/Affairs from the University of Damascus, in Syria.

Mr. Nickerson is first and foremost a lecturer, who has given numerous speeches to the public throughout the Middle East and Asia.  He also works with Miami-Dade Public Schools as a “hands-on” educator with schools that are listed under educational transformation, due to their low scores on standardized tests.  He has obtained Florida Certification in Micro and Macro Economics, World History, American Government, American History, and Geography.  He also has Certification through the state of Florida to educate individuals with a wide range of disabilities, including those with Special Learning Needs, Varying Exceptionalities, Specific Learning Disabilities, and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.

When asked what he wanted for the village and community, he stated “More Council-Community Involvement and Improved, Transparent Communication,” which would be his primary focus for El Portal’s immediate future.

Omarr Nickerson
305 338-2730

El Portal Mayor Omarr C. Nickerson releases a sharp-shinned hawk at the El Portal Nature Trail