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Resiliency Town Hall

Resiliency Town HallEl Portal Neighbors,

Resilience can be defined as the capacity of individuals, communities, businesses, and systems within our Village to survive after chronic stress or acute shocks we may experience.”

From the effects of sea-level rise to inadequate infrastructure to pandemics to cyber-attacks. Resilience is what helps cities (like ours) adapt and transform in the face of these challenges, helping them to prepare for both the expected and the unexpected.

Building resilience requires us to look at our Village holistically: understanding the systems that make up the Village and the interdependencies and risks we may face. And, by working to strengthen the underlying fabric of our Village and better understanding the potential shocks and stresses it may face, we can improve its development trajectory and the well-being of our citizens.

CHRONIC STRESSES are slow-moving disasters that weaken the fabric of a city.

ACUTE SHOCKS, on the other hand, are sudden, sharp events that threaten a city.

Of course, these challenges we may face often aren’t a single shock or stress it can be a combination of these challenges, which can contribute to further threatening our resilience.  The compounding pressure of these unaddressed stresses undermine our resilience and, when and if, a terrible shock hits our Village, it can expose and exacerbate these weaknesses—ultimately making it far more difficult for our Village to bounce back. Chronic stress taxes our collective immune system – think of our upcoming Resiliency Town Hall as that proverbial B-12 shot in the arm, we all may need.

So, we invite you to attend our upcoming Town Hall to learn and stay informed on what we have done and are working on to make El Portal resilient. ie: update on Septic to Sewer; Police Department; Little River Canal; Disaster Preparedness and our collaboration with 305Resiliency. JOIN US! 

Mayor Cubillos 

Hosted by El Portal Mayor
Claudia V. Cubillos


Jul 20 2019


10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Village Hall
Village Hall
500 NE 87th St., El Portal, FL


Mayor Cubillos
Mayor Cubillos