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El Portal Police Department

Alejandro Mendez
Chief of Police
El Portal Police Department

(305) 795-7873


For non-emergency call
305-4-POLICE (305-476-5423)

Public Safety Committee

Mayor Omarr C. Nickerson, Chair
Vice-Mayor Anders Urbom, Vice-Chair
Councilperson Anna Lightfoot-Ward, Member

Vision Statement

The Village of El Portal Police Department is a para-military organization that strictly adheres to the departmental orders, policies, procedures, and directives that govern them. This Vision Statement creates a gateway to professional law enforcement. The constant and consistent review and revisions to the aforementioned departmental orders, policies, procedures and directives aid in building trust with the citizenry and its police department that serves them. Instilling trust, building trust, and enhancing trust with and within the citizenry of the Village of El Portal is the primary objective.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Village of El Portal Police Department to provide professional law enforcement to the citizenry, businesses, schools, and elected officials of the Village of El Portal. Professional law enforcement will be delivered by embracing an unbreakable bond with the community it serves by way of respect, communication, a sense of genuine caring, and by fostering an environment free from prejudice and prejudgments. Bridges will be built where none existed before; existing bridges will be shored up.

Improving the quality of life for all who live in, work in, and/or serve the Village of El Portal remains the pinnacle to where the employment of professional law enforcement shall take us. Education, training, and positive collaboration with the community are those steps that will bring us there.

Value statement

Teamwork (Working together internally and externally [community] to resolve all issues)

Respect (Treating people with dignity and the way you would want to be treated)

Unity (Police and the citizenry working in unison)

Selfless Service (Putting the welfare of the community before your own)

Tenacity (Seeing the objective done to its conclusion regardless of the difficulty)

Ethical (Everything the department undertakes is guided by strong, unsullied ethics)

Duty (Fulfillment of obligations)

In the News

Off-duty officer saves woman after car plunges into El Portal canal

EL PORTAL, Fla. – A South Florida driver is grateful to be alive after her car ended up in a canal.

Fortunately, an off-duty police officer was in the right place at the right time.

It happened Tuesday just before 5 p.m. along North Miami Avenue and Northwest 85th Street.

El Portal Police Officer Angel Lopez, who was heading home, spotted the situation and jumped into the water to help in the nick of time.

“You do what you have to do, and thank God that everything worked out,” Lopez told Local 10 News on Wednesday.…

Full Story on Local10

Officer Poveda represented the El Portal Police Department
9463 a foundation for fallen officers

Officer Poveda represented the El Portal Police Department in this most important event. Great job Officer Poveda and a big THANK YOU.

Chief’s Corner

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Re: Letter to the Residents of the Village of El Portal

Dear El Portal Residents (and everyone who visits and/or travels through El Portal), In recent days, we have watched on with horror at the actions of a police officer and the subsequent death of a person because of these actions. We have also watched with equal dismay...

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Chief’s Corner: Chief David Magnusson

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