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Member Sandra Valencia

Member Sandra Valencia

Village of El Portal

500 NE 87th Street
El Portal, FL 33138

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8:30 am–4:30 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am–6 pm
Closed on government holidays and weekends

Sustainability & Resiliency Task Force

Sandra Valencia has been a happy resident of El Portal for over 11 years; proud mom of a wonderful girl and the gentle giant dog that guards them from harm.

She holds a BA in Business Administration and after finishing her MA in Marketing in London, she moved to sunny Miami where she found herself settling and choosing the city as the base for her “growing” family.

On a professional level, she carries extensive experience in Client Services, Resource Planning & Strategy, B2B and B2C Marketing, Strategic Research & Analysis, Client Relationship Management & New Client Acquisition, B2B Sales Pipeline Management and Business

With her international background and the ability to work well on multicultural teams as well as broad knowledge of US General, US Hispanic and Latin-American markets, she has taken business, brands and companies to high and successful levels of growth.

On a more personal note, she’s almost exclusively focused on people, building relationships, and teamwork rather than technical matters. Uninhibited; very open and trusting in sharing thoughts. Sandra is a very verbal, animated and stimulating communicator, poised, and capable of projecting enthusiasm and warmth; and with that being said, she has been really excited about becoming part of the Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force within the community she loves so much.