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Mayor Cubillos’ April 22 Message

Good afternoon El Portal:

First, and foremost, I hope you and your families are doing well as we all continue to navigate through these trying times. Although I do believe we will triumph together, I will not dismiss the worry that comes from this uncertainty. 

As such, I encourage each of us to do a little something to brighten someone’s day as “It’s the little things that matter most!” SO THANK YOU ALL for the little things you’re already doing such as: the recent happy birthday community parades, the two Secret Easter ‘ziplock’ baskets left in my backyard with yummy Godiva chocolate, and Maribel Fruitstone’s daily positive message in her front yard. 

Moreover, seeing kids chalk drawings on the sidewalk reminded me of yesteryear, which is right up there with running through yard sprinklers and setting up lemonade stands, about what matters most in life and motivates us to make changes that bring about something better!! 

During the recent weeks I have been working with our Village website webmaster and our contract urban-planners: Plusurbia to better leverage our Village website. Simply stated, the goal is to have Village Planning  & Zoning (P&Z) assessable to the community all in one place in order to reduce the need for the Village Clerk to email a 100+ page agenda packet to everyone before a meeting, and to ensure projects move forward in a timely manner with all viable options having been extended to all stakeholders.  

These efforts have resulted in the Village of El Portal’s P&Z webpage to be revamped with a subsite page now included.  Our ongoing Village economic development applications, which require a public hearing as well as other key projects such as the Comprehensive Plan and the Architectural Pattern Book, are all now just a “click” away, with even an opportunity for you to provide feedback “real-time” feedback regarding these items.  I encourage you to check it out with this link:

In closing, I want to again say I wish you all and your families well and we will get through this COVID-19 and eventually be stronger and better than ever! 


Mayor Cubillos