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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Village of El Portal Resident,

As the Holiday Season approaches us, we are reminded of those who we have interacted with and grown closer to throughout our journey, be it professionally or personally.

We don’t get enough opportunity to say, “Thank You,” although we are Thankful, every day, to be a part of such a wonderful and unique community. Within Miami-Dade County, our Village is “one-of-a-kind” and at this special time, we want to personally express our deepest appreciation for placing your trust and confidence within us. We truly value You, Your Family, and the support that you give us professionally and personally, as our Village is a close-knit Community of family and friends.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, as we are coming to an end of a devastating pandemic. As we had to quarantine, many of our families were brought closer together, allowing us to value the time that we have with one another. Let us all continue to ensure the health and safety of our families and community. May the joy of this thankful holiday extend to you and your family, today, and throughout the entire Thanksgiving Weekend.

Thank You,

The Village of El Portal

State of the Village

State of the Village

Citizens of the Year 2021

Citizen of the Year

Maribel Fruitstone & State Representative Dotie Joseph 

Major Improvements Are On The Way!

Woman Construction WorkerThe Village of El Portal will be constructing Phase One of the Stormwater Improvements Plan in the El Jardin neighborhood in October 2021. There will be road construction to NE 86 Street at NE 2nd Avenue to N. Miami Avenue, that will close the streets to traffic except for local traffic only. Any specific work being done in front of someone’s home that requires closure will be coordinated through our nice contractor, Southeastern Engineering Contractors. Your patience is appreciated during this four-week construction project that will result in far less ponding and flooding in your area.

Start Date: October 4, 2021
End Date (Projected): January 3, 2022

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What is happening with the N. Miami Avenue Bridge Reconstruction project, and why is it taking so long to complete?

According to Miami Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works, the bridge reconstruction project remains halted because soil conditions did not allow for the implementation of the canal bank slopes originally permitted by the Army Corp of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District. Therefore, the County’s Design Build Team developed an alternative solution for the canal embankment protection and is in the process of obtaining the permit modifications required for the new design. Once these modifications are approved by the permitting agencies, the bridge construction will resume. 

In the meantime, the Design Build Team is inspecting and maintaining the site regularly, ensuring the safety of the public and that the Maintenance of Traffic devices are properly in place.  Stay alert and stay safe.

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Officer Emilie Poveda and Officer Victor Riveron


Heroes: Protecting Our Community.

Police: Suspect fires at officers after burglarizing home in El Portal



Village of El Portal Manager, Christia E. Alou, Esq.

Appointed to Serve on Florida League of Cities Legislative Policy Committee

Christia E. Alou, Esq. appointed to the Municipal Administration Committee

Hurricane and King Tide Preparedness Tips

Public Notice


Disposing of Household Waste is Easy!

Stop Using so much Fertilizers and Pesticides!

Help Us Keep our Storm Drains Clean and Working Properly!

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Public Notice

Important Messages for the Village of El Portal Community

Pet Waste is Pollution! • Low Impact Development • Septic Tanks in El Portal

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Public Notice

FEMA Proposes Changes to Flood Maps to affect El Portal and Miami Dade County.

The FEMA Region IV project team anticipated issuing preliminary maps for the Miami-Dade County Coastal Physical Map Revision (PMR) in December 2019. However, around that same time, the project team learned that the Miami-Dade County Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) was submitting updated hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and floodplain mapping data for the C-8 and C-9 canal basins.

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Little River Adaption Action Area

"It takes a Village"

Village Administration, Mayor and Council 2021

Administration, Mayor and Council 2021

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