Village Officials

Mayor Cubillos can be reached at 305 778-4199 or by email at (Read more...)

Vice Mayor Omarr Nickerson

Mr. Omarr C. Nickerson was born in Miami, Florida. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University Of Miami “The U” in Liberal and Social Arts. He then went on to obtain his first Master’s Degree in Global History and Socio-Geographic Studies from the University of Cairo, in Egypt. He got his second Master’s Degree in International Political Science and Economic Development from the University of Damascus, in Syria. (Read more...)

Councilperson Anders Urbom, Seat 1

Councilperson Anders Urbom, Seat 1 (Read more...)

Vimari Roman, Councilperson Seat #2

Vimari Roman is an innovative and top-performing entrepreneur, with a widely diverse background. She was born in Miami, and thanks to her father’s career in Hospitality had the opportunity to live in Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, New York as well as Miami. Before leaping in to the Entrepreneurial world in 2013, she led a successful career in Hospitality for over 20 years . As a leader within the Hospitality profession she led, coached and mentored many teams. (Read more...)

Councilperson Mathis, Seat 4

In this honorable post. I must state, if El Portal is to progress, we must put aside all our indifference and focus on what tangible commodities can direct our fair Village. Councilperson, Seat 4 Harold Mathis 786 499-0780 (Read more...)