Village Officials

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Vice Mayor Omarr Nickerson

Mr. Omarr C. Nickerson was born in Miami, Florida. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University Of Miami “The U” in Liberal and Social Arts. He then went on to obtain his first Master’s Degree in Global History and Socio-Geographic Studies from the University of Cairo, in Egypt. He got his second Master’s Degree in International Political Science and Economic Development from the University of Damascus, in Syria. (Read more...)

Councilperson Werner, Seat 1

Dear El Portal Resident,

I would like to introduce myself as your 2017 – 2018 Councilperson representing seat # 1 at Village of El Portal. I’m committed and pleased to be serving our beautiful community and looking forward to working with our Mayor, Council Members, Village Manager, Village Clerk, and residents.

Since late 2016, I initiated this journey by meeting with our Mayor, Council Members, State Representative, and Village Manager with the objective to identifying main concerns and laying out clear objectives related to key strategic long term and day to day Infrastructure Public Works initiatives.

I highly encourage your participation during our upcoming committee and council meetings. Dates and times can be found in our El Portal Village Website.

Let’s continue to make this a great community!

Werner Dreher

Councilperson, Seat 1
Cel – 305.905.7996
Email –

Upcoming grade crossing closures – Biscayne Corridor (El Portal)

Dear Neighbors,

This email is to information on the dates and respective project contact names on the upcoming grade crossing closures that may temporarily impact daily commutes in El Portal, Miami Shores and the surrounding areas. Click on the link below for further details on the crossing closures dates and contact names.

Miami-Dade County. Information on grade crossing closures are listed below for Miami-Dade county. Please check this page daily for updates on temporary closures and …

Listed below are contact names related to this effort.

  • Ali Soule, AAF Public Affairs Manager, 407-257-1838
  • John Blaine, HNTB Construction Manager, 904-349-7992
  • Florida East Coast Railway1 (800) 342-1131 (Press 1 to report a railroad emergency in the State of Florida)

The closures are related to a new express inter-city train travel service to start by mid-2017 in four major Florida cities. Click on the link below for further media coverage reports on this project.

New Florida train service to whisk passengers between Miami and Orlando. A privately owned and operated passenger rail line will link Florida cities by mid …
Vimari Roman, Councilperson Seat #2

Vimari Roman is an innovative and top-performing entrepreneur, with a widely diverse background. She was born in Miami, and thanks to her father’s career in Hospitality had the opportunity to live in Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, New York as well as Miami. Before leaping in to the Entrepreneurial world in 2013, she led a successful career in Hospitality for over 20 years . As a leader within the Hospitality profession she led, coached and mentored many teams. Ms. Roman has also served and held different leadership positions within the Meeting Professionals International Board of Directors. In 2013, she decided to go on her own and created Be Productive Meetings & Events where her focus was to assist corporations with site selections and contract negotiations for their corporate meetings and events. In 2016, Ms. Roman entered a partnership with Swantegy Miami where the focus is to strategically design corporate meetings and events that increase business performance. Within the Meetings Industry she is a Certified Meeting Manager and a Certified Incentive Specialist. In addition, Vimari is a certified Strategic Intervention and Leadership Coach, and serves individuals to help them reach their peak potential.

Ms. Roman has lived in El Portal since Jan 2005. After going into business for herself she was afforded more time to engage in community involvement by attending Council Meetings. She then met a few residents that were very involved in leading the El Portal ALE who inspired her to do more. It was the 2013 Charrette where she became more excited about the future of the Village of El Portal seeing the commonalities in the vision the residents had for the Village. In 2014, she supported then Council Person Cubillos who was running for Mayor of the Village of El Portal. Upon Mayor Cubillos being sworn in, she volunteered to become the Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force where she collaborated to execute several initiatives. Her first major initiative was in 2015 with the creation of what’s now the annual El Portal Art Fair, which she planned and organized the first two years. The purpose of the event was to bring our community together, showcase our beautiful village and the arts with the involvement of local artists. In addition to the Art Fair, in 2016 she started the monthly Family Food Truck Night. As Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force she led many other initiatives such as the funding for 4th of July flags that were placed throughout the Village in 2016, and much more.

Ms. Roman was elected November 2016 and is delighted to have the opportunity to serve the community of El Portal as Councilperson. Her motto is that “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” and this is true for all that she has been able to accomplish within the Village. She lives on NE 90th Street with her loving fiancé Nariman and Shadow their beautiful Chocolate Lab.

“I am forever grateful for the residents that have given me the constant support and have been a part of the Mayor’s Task Force and those who entrusted in electing me to Council. I love El Portal, this is a very exciting time for our community and I look forward to continue to work towards supporting our neighbors of El Portal.” Councilperson Vimari Roman

Vimari Roman, Councilperson Seat #2

Councilperson Mathis, Seat 4

In this honorable post. I must state, if El Portal is to progress, we must put aside all our indifference and focus on what tangible commodities can direct our fair Village.

Councilperson, Seat 4

Harold Mathis
786 499-0780