El Portal Documents submitted to FEMA for Hurricane Irma

The attached below are the EL Portal documents submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Administration for cost reimbursement for Hurricane Irma by reimbursement category.

Category A — Emergency Road Clearing and Hurricane Debris Removal and Disposal.

These include Debris Removal, and Debris Site Management and Reduction, and Disposal per FEMA required dates of Disaster Debris Removal reimbursement.

The records consist of Ticket ledgers, scanned copies of tickets (Load haul, Debris Site to Disposal, and Disposal tickets), Hazard limbs and hazard trees removal ( tickets, ledgers ..); Contracts, and Truck certifications.

Category C — Streets and Roads

Category G — Parks and Recreation facilities


Miscellaneous FEMA Documents

Download all files in one ZIP file. (2.67 GB)