Village Clerk Yenise Jacobi

Village Clerk Yenise JacobiMISSION:

The Mission of the Village Clerk is to serve as the secretary to the Mayor and Village Council while providing information in a professional and efficient manner to ensure service delivery to the residents of the Village.


The Village Clerk is appointed by Village Council and is responsible to Councilpersons as well as the citizens of the Village. The Village Clerk serves in the following capacities:

  • Record Management Liaison
  • Schedules and prepares agendas & public notices for all public meetings
  • Attends records and prepares minutes for all monthly Village Council and committee meetings.
  • Responds to citizens public records requests
  • Coordinates Municipal Village Elections as Supervisor of Elections and serves as the official filing officer.
  • Prepares legal ads for newspaper regarding public hearings and budget advertisements
  • Attests to Village contracts, agreements and legal documents (resolutions and ordinances) and signs and affixes village seal.
  • Assist with the advertisement of the fiscal year budget
  • Prepares Council packets for distribution by close of business Fridays
  • Perform duties as the Council may prescribe from time to time.
  • Financial Disclosure Coordinator for the Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Website Administrator
  • Administers the publication of the Village Code
  • Maintains custody of the Village’s vital records including minutes, ordinances, and resolutions.

Public Request Form

Agenda deadlines

To ensure all information for Committees and Council meetings are copied and ready in a timely manner, deadlines to add information to the Regular Council meeting will be on the Wednesday before the monthly meeting.

Villagers may pick up a copy of the Agenda on Mondays prior to Council meetings. You can also sign up for an electronic version.

If you have  any questions, please feel free to contact me at (305) 795-7880 or via email at