Village Clerk Yenise Jacobi


The Mission of the Village Clerk is to serve as the secretary to the Mayor and Village Council while providing information in a professional and efficient manner to ensure service delivery to the residents of the Village.


The Village Clerk is appointed by Village Council and is responsible to Councilpersons as well as the citizens of the Village. The Village Clerk serves in the following capacities:

  • Records Management Liaison – research to obtain cost-effective ways to maintain records in a process that would allow easy access
  • Public Records Requests – you can email me a request at the email provided below and if I can’t find the document, I will ensure that your request is forwarded to the appropriate department
  • Financial Disclosure Coordinator for the Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Council Meetings – maintain the recording of all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the village council. Transcribes and distributes all committee and council meeting minutes
  • Website administrator – Items such as agendas, minutes, events and any important information affecting all who do business with the Village El Portal are added to the website
  • Municipal Supervisor of Elections

Elections 2016 General Information

Pursuant to the Village Charter, the Village Commission is comprised of five electors of the Village, vested with all legislative powers of the Village.  Each Councilperson will be elected at-large in the manner provided by the Village Charter. The Village of El Portal’s next municipal election is Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Early Voting Information

Elections 2016 Candidate Information

election2016The candidates listed below have submitted all required qualifying forms and have been qualified for the November 8, 2016 municipal election for the position of Commissioner.  Click on their name to review their submitted forms and Campaign Treasurer’s Reports.

Seat 1 Incumbent Roxanne Isaacs will not be running another term
Seat 1 Werner Dreher

Seat 2 Incumbent Aubrey L. Brunson Sr.  #137
Seat 2 Vimari Roman #138

Seat 3 Vice Mayor Omarr Nickerson, Unopposed

Seat 4 Harold Mathis, Jr. ,Unopposed

Mayor Claudia V. Cubillos, Unopposed

For the specific requirements for candidates, please visit Election 2016 Candidate Information.

If you have any questions, or would like more information regarding the Village’s municipal election and becoming a candidate, please contact Yenise Jacobi, Village Clerk, at, or by phone at (305) 795-7880.


Public Request Form

Agenda deadlines

To ensure all information for Committees and Council meetings are copied and ready in a timely manner, deadlines to add information to the Regular Council meeting will be the Wednesday before the monthly meeting.

Villagers may pickup a copy of the Agenda on Mondays prior to Council meetings. You can also sign up for an electronic version.

If you have  any questions, please feel free to contact me at (305) 795-7880 or via email at