El Portal Police Department

notice-policeDear Village of El Portal Residents:

I am extremely humbled and privileged to be leading the El Portal Police Department (EPPD) as the Interim Police Chief. I recently retired from the City of Miami Police Department after 27 years of service. I held many positions through the years at the City of Miami Police Department including Patrol Officer, Investigator, Training Officer and Agency Inspector; My last assignments were as the Miami Police Department Training Center Director, and as the South and Central District Commander.

interim-chief-perezMy mission here will be to make the Village of El Portal and its residents a safer community through crime reduction, more patrolling and higher police officer visibility. In my first 90 days, I will be working with the administration to address the independent consultant’s assessment and conducting my own evaluations and implementing recommendations for overall department operations as well as its staffing needs to include: recruiting a full-time officer, and more reserve and part-time officers. I will also be going over the scheduling to ensure peak-hours coverage. I will be conducting crime analysis, and with the residents and the continuation of the success of the EI Portal Citizen’s Crime Watch, develop strategies to proactively address the increase in crime and speeding in the Village. My goal is to deliver superior service to the residents, operational improvements and transparency, and better staffing, recruiting and retention and development for officers.

I also look forward to getting to know the Village and its residents and continuing and improving the community policing that has come to be the standard of this community. Working together as a team we will make the Village of El Portal a safer community.


Jose Perez
Interim Police Chief

El Portal’s Crime Stats

For non-emergency call
305-4-POLICE (305-476-5423)

Dispatch: 305-595-6263

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