El Portal Police Department

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The El Portal Police Department is working to make the village of El Portal a safe place to live and visit, by forming partnerships with its citizens and visitors.

Providing services means a lot more to us than just writing a crime report after a crime has occurred. It means working with the Villagers to prevent crime and solve Village problems.

The department is now also responsible for all code enforcement in El Portal Village. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We invite you to become our partners in making our village a better place to live and visit.

Chief Eugene Morales

El Portal Police Department Staff 2015
EL Portal Squad 2010
Back Section, from left to right: Ofc. R. Pandolfi, Ofc. S. Owens, Ofc. D. Adlet, Ofc. M. DeMota,
Ofc. J. Borrell, Ofc. M. Santos, Ofc. T. Asberry, Ofc. M. Louissaint, Ofc. A. Dolan,
Ofc. Y. Gutierrez, Ofc. D. Demetrius, Ofc. R. Payne, Ofc. M. Rego, Ofc. J. Newman, Ofc. B. Sharpe, Ofc. V. Rajkumar
Middle Section Rear Row, from left to right: Ofc. J. Alcalde, Ofc. T. Schlubatis, Ofc. G. Pelosi, Ofc. R. Sacramento,
Middle Section Front Row, from left to right: Ofc. A. Blackwood, Ofc. M. Boisnote, Ofc. G. Parram, Ofc. E. Pinero
Front Section from left to right: Cpl. M. Casais, Sgt. R. Hufnagel, Chief of Police Eugene Morales

El Portal’s Crime Stats

January 2017
December 2016

November 2016
October 2016
September 2016

For non-emergency call
305-4-POLICE (305-476-5423)

Dispatch: 305-595-6263

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