The Village’s Response to Zika

With all of the news coverage about Zika I wanted to let you know what the Village’s response is to the Zika outbreak. We have been in contact with both the Health Department and Dade County Mosquito Control. They have advised me that the biggest concern is standing water in small containers, plants, bird baths, etc. Standing water along roadsides, driveways or parking lots is not a concern at this time according to mosquito control, as this particular mosquito has different breeding habits. We will be pushing out information from the County via email and on nextdoor. We have instructed our Code Compliance officer to begin a sweep of the Village, talking to our residents that have obvious large amounts of vegetation first, then going block by block to alert residents that may have plants/containers that hold water based on their visual observations. However, understanding that many of our residents have backyards that we have no visual access we request that you proactively mitigate any risk of breeding mosquitoes – If you have a pool with standing water that is not chlorinated or tarps that are inadvertently collecting water please do all you can to empty it. We are also in the process of exploring the costs associated with purchasing mosquito dunks which are small donut shaped rings that can be dropped into our drainage catch basins to prevent mosquitos from breeding and will not harm people or pets. Lastly, and if necessary, we may ask Waste Management to come in and perform a more thorough sweep. As more information becomes available we’ll keep you informed.

Claudia V. Cubillos, Mayor