Home of the Month

Objective: Provide recognition to residents who have improved the exterior of the home and/or their front yards (curb appeal).

Program Sponsored by: Councilperson Roman

Selection: Each month the Home of the Month committee will walk the East and the West side’s of the Village and choose a home on each side for recognition. A “Home of the Month” sign will be placed in the front yard and photos of the winning homes will be published in the quarterly Peacock Newsletter.

Home of the Month Committee: Any resident is welcome to join the committee. In addition, residents who are not members of the committee can nominate themselves or a neighbor for consideration for Home of the Month.

Two awards monthly: The intent is to select two homes in El Portal each month – one home on the East Side and another home from the West Side; however, the committee may deviate from this plan. The homes will be selected by the Committee and announced on the Wednesday of each month.

Halloween and Christmas Holidays: Ready to decorate for the holidays? The committee will award three homes throughout the Village that have the best outdoor decorations and each of the winners will receive a Home Depot Gift card as follows:

  • 1st place winner: $150
  • 2nd place winner: $100
  • 3rd place winner: $50

We look forward to the competition and cannot wait to see all the decorations!

We are always in search of new Committee Members. If you are interested in participating in the Committee, for any questions or to nominate yourself or a neighbor for consideration please send an email to elportalhomeofthemonth@gmail.com or contact David Ward @ 305-903-4927. We hope many of you will be excited and participate.

We also want to offer another thank you to David Ward and Cecil Ybanez for donating these beautiful wood “Home of the Month” signs and Andrew Naylor for heading up the committee in 2018. This program would not be a success without you. The Council and staff thank you and appreciate you.

Nominations are made monthly. We look forward to continuing the program in 2019.  If you have a home you’d like to nominate please send the committee an email with the address and pictures if possible to ElPortalHomeoftheMonth@gmail.com. Nominations are accepted up to the 15th of every month.

Congratulations to our Home of the Month winners for July and August 2019!


August Winner: 60 NE 88th Street – Home of OMAR ANTONIO LOPEZ

Congratulations to our Home of the Month winners for April, May and June 2019!

April Winner: 133 NW 88th Street – home of JOHN KING

Home of the Month April 2019  

May Winner: 8895 NE 4th Ave – home of JOSEF JUNGWIRTH AND HELGA JUNGWIRTH

Home of the Month May 2019

June Winner: 136 NW 90th Street -home of DAVID ALVAREZ

Home of the Month June 2019

Congratulations to our Home of the Month winners for January, February and March 2019!

January Winner: 336 NE 86th – home of  LOURDES C O BYRNE

January Winner

February Winner: 115 NW 86th home of NITIDA A CORES

February Winner

March Winner: 453 NE 89 Street home of Judy Mistor and her daughter Audry is in the picture

March Winner

Congratulations to our First, Second and Third Prize Winners for the Halloween Home of the Month contest October 2018!

1st Place: Robert Ventura at 295 Ne 88th Street 

2nd Place: Ibis and David Valhuerdi at  500 NW 86th Street


3rd Place: Dionisio Cardozo at 8975 NW 1st Ave

October 2018 3rd Place

Honorable mention list – thank you so much for participating!

  • 12 NW 86th St.
  • 45 NW 86th St.
  • 236 NE 85th St.
  • 8860 NE 3rd Ave.

Congratulations to our two Home of the Month winners for Aug 2018!

The first home at 432 NE 89th belongs to Hans, Karina and Matthias Muller

August 2018 1st Place

The second home at 450 NW 90th

August 2018 2nd Place

Congratulations to our two Home of the Month winners for July 2018!

The first home at 520 NW 87th Street belongs to Monica & Willie Fernandez who just moved into El Portal in July. Let’s give them a warm welcome!

July 2018 1st Place

The second home at 295 NE 88th Street belongs to Robert Ventura & Victor Ospina.

July 2018 2nd Place

Congratulations to our two Home of the Month winners for June 2018!

The first home at 199 NW 90th Street belongs to SCOTT E RUSSELL & RODOLFO G ALONSO

June 2018 1st Place

The second home at 172 NW 87th Street belongs to SHEILA O’FARRELL & CAROL A BERSTEIN

June 2018 2nd Place

Congratulations to our two Home of the Month winners for May 2018!

The first home at 80 NE 89th Street belongs to Lucas & Nelson Gonzalez

May 2018 1st Place

The second home 8995 NE 4th Avenue belongs to Todd Neuman and Steve Davis

May 2018 2nd Place

Congratulations to our two Home of the Month winners for March 2018!

March 2018 Winners:

The first home at 287 NE 90th belongs to DAVID HAZOURI and LYNNE M GRAUBERT pictured here:

March 2018 1st Place

The second home at 24 NW 86th Street belongs to MARCEAU ETIENNE and ANN NOPHIA WROY ETIENNE. Unfortunately, we could not get a picture of the homeowners.

March 2018 2nd Place

Congratulations to our two Home of the Month winners for February 2018!

The first home belongs to Ms. Barbara Joseph at 425 NW 88th St pictured here with Councilperson Roman and Home of the Month Chair, Andrew Naylor.

February 2018 1st Place

The second home belongs to Ms. Camila and Luis Laguada at 336 NE 85th St. Unfortunately, we could not get a picture of the homeowners but pictured here with their beautiful home are Andrew Naylor, Chair of the Home of the Month program, and the David Ward original Chair and Initiator of the program.

February 2018 2nd Place

Thanks to both our winners for taking such pride in their homes!

December 2017 Home of the Month Winners!

Councilperson Roman and the “Home of the Month” Committee is happy to announce the winners of the 2017 Holiday Decorating Contest. The Village and Committee were extremely excited about the participation and excitement of the residents and we look forward to seeing many more homes participate in 2018.

We want to extend a big thank you to the December 2017 Committee Members which included village residents David Ward, Cecil Ybanez, Andrew Naylor, and Rich Connell.
The Holiday Decorating Contest winners all received a Home Depot gift card sponsored by Councilperson Roman and the winners were as follows:
1st Place – Mr. and Mrs. Sweet ($100 HD Gift Card)

2nd Place – Marcos Andreos and Greg Walton ($50 HD Gift Card)

3rd Place – Felix Guzman ($25 HD Gift Card)

December’s Holiday Contest honorable mentions in no particular order: