About the Village of El Portal

El Portal is a picturesque and historic village in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The village name is derived from the Spanish word for the wooden gate that once stood at the entrance to the village. El Portal, a primarily residential community of single-family cottages and bungalows, was founded in 1937 and to this day includes prime examples of 1930’s and 1940’s South Florida architecture.

The Village’s shaded streets and quiet traffic make the community a cool, green oasis, just minutes from downtown Miami. The sprawling live oaks, some more than 75 years old, provide a haven for our local wildlife. The village is barely a square mile and is bordered to the south by the Little River, where many of our wading birds find their sustenance. In addition to the native wildlife, several stunning exotic species call El Portal home, including proud wild peacocks and bright green iguanas.

El Portal also plays host to one of South Florida’s most unique historic sites, an Indian Mound that was the first archaeological site to receive historic designation in Miami-Dade County. One of the county’s oldest churches, the Radar Memorial United Methodist Church, which was formed in 1923, also boasted an El Portal address. While preserving its heritage, El Portal has continued to make history, becoming the first community in the country to elect a Haitian American to its council in the 1990’s.

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Nature photos taken by Forrest Bowen

Nature photos taken by Forrest Bowen